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Oct 22, 2021 | Environment | 0 comments

Powerful Pollinator Partnerships

Expanding pollinator meadows in our right-of-way

The work we do goes beyond delivering safe, reliable and affordable electricity to our customers. We’re here to be a true community partner and preserve the environment we call home. 

Our team in Lancaster County recently completed a large construction project to replace a 100-year-old transmission line that runs through Kelly’s Run Preserve, a popular local destination for walking and hiking owned by the Lancaster Conservancy.  

We know how important this trail is to the community, so we worked closely with Lancaster Conservancy to minimize the amount of time the trail was closed during construction.  

Along the way, we identified an opportunity to expand the Conservancy’s pollinator meadow by two and a half acres by planting a pollinator-friendly seed mixture in our right-of-way. This cost-effective, seed mixture is something we at PPL have been testing and exploring in our right-of-way areas. 

The future is buzzing — and you too can assist our pollinator friends by creating your own pollinator-friendly habitats at home. Learn more about our pollinators and how you can help by clicking here 


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