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Jan 27, 2021 | Safety and Security | 2 comments

5 Tips for Electrical Safety

Keeping your family safe around electricity

Spending more time indoors this winter?

We have 5 tips to keep you and your family safe around electricity this season:

  1. Space heaters can supplement your heat source, but never plug one into an extension cord. Make sure you plug your heater directly into an outlet to avoid fires.
  2. Install carbon monoxide (CO) alarms on every level of your home, especially outside of bedrooms.
  3. Inspect your power strips and extension cords regularly, and be sure to replace any fraying or damaged cords, which can cause fires.
  4. If you need to use a generator, place it in a cool, dry, well-ventilated outdoor location.
  5. With remote work and virtual schooling, you probably have lots of electronics plugged in around the house. Unplug items, such as cell phone and laptop chargers, when you’re not using them to avoid overloading your outlets.

Underground PPL transformer covered in snow in a yardAnd while we’re on the topic of winter, remember not to bury our pad-mounted transformers when shoveling snow or using a snow blower. And please don’t let young children play on or around them. It’s important to keep the transformers visible and easily accessible for our crews.

For more safety tips in and around your home, visit


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