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Mar 25, 2022 | Safety and Security | 0 comments

Call 811 before you dig

Before starting spring landscaping or digging projects, call 811 to be safe.

Are you planting any trees or shrubs this spring? If so, are you planning to call 811 before you start digging?

If you think a hole being dug for trees or plants isn’t enough to make the free 811 call, you may be wrong.

Some utilities could be buried inches below ground. And, unfortunately, about one in five people who dig don’t call 811 because they think their project isn’t deep enough for the call, according to Common Ground Alliance, a North American organization dedicating to preventing damage to underground utilities.

An 811 call is free for homeowners excavating on their residential property.

The law requires an 811 call before digging with power equipment, including backhoes, excavators, post hole diggers, and trenchers.

But it’s best to play it safe with any digging project by making the 811 call. Once placing the call, a crew will come out to the dig site to look for potential underground utilities and mark them with paint.

Here’s the information you will need when calling 811:

  • The county and municipality in which the planned dig is located.
  • The street name and address.
  • The nearest intersecting/cross street to the address.
  • Details of the dig site, including the area of the property where excavation will occur and what kind of work is being done.
  • When the project is scheduled to take place.

If you hire a contractor to do the excavation for you, they are required to call 811 themselves.

Stay safe this spring and call before you dig.

For more info, visit the Pennsylvania 811 website at


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