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Jul 28, 2022 | Energy Efficiency | 7 comments

Getting away? Don’t forget to pack your energy efficiency checklist

Five ways to save energy while you’re away from home.

Give your water heater a vacation too 

If you havent yet, check your water heater for an away or vacation setting. If your model doesnt have this option, lower the temperature of your water heater before you leave home. Water heating can account for 20% of your energy use, so why heat water youre not going to use? 

Turn off the A/C 

Raise your thermostat so the A/C won’t turn on during your time away. When you get back home, return your thermostat to its normal level slowly, two degrees at a time. You could also step up to a smart thermostat if you want to save energy and still come home to cool rooms. This little efficiency wonder will allow you to control your HVAC unit remotely from an app while youre away. A programmable thermostat can’t be controlled remotely but can be set to fit your schedule.  

Pull the plug on all appliances you won’t be using 

Just turning devices off won’t keep them from using energy. Everything from your television to your microwave uses energy even when it is not switched on. It’s an energy drain called phantom power. You can unplug devices by hand or step up to smart power strips if you want to get more advanced. Many of these power strips sense motion, or take their cues from a key device like your TV, to know when to power on and off and knock out that phantom power that can eat away at your energy costs.  

Use your lights for security and savings 

If the movies have taught us anything, it’s that a few strategically placed lights will properly deter robbers. Putting your lights on timers will give the impression that your home is occupied. If you’d like to take your lighting to another level, leverage LEDs and smart lighting to maximize your security and efficiency. 

Keep the heat out 

You can save by closing your window coverings while you’re away. Nearly 76% of sunlight that hits your windows enters your home and becomes heat. To keep things energy efficient and secure, start closing your drapes or blinds a few weeks before going away. It will allow you to leave them closed while you’re away 

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  1. Michael Santa

    Does make a difference
    Anything when the rates went up by Double
    Screw your advice !

  2. Jose

    nice for Help

  3. Jacqueline Williams

    I don’t go on vacation someone is always home what can I do to help save energy. I also need new thermostat for the heat in my home.

    • Kathryn

      Good Afternoon Jacqueline, Please read about ways to save energy and money under You will find specific energy-saving tips to make your home more efficient. Also, we offer an online virtual home assessment that includes a phone consultation with a trained Energy Advisor, energy efficiency recommendations, and a free personalized energy savings kit. For more information, visit For assistance programs to help pay your bill, please go to Thank you for checking with us!

  4. johnmatone

    in stead of all these helphful ideas why dont you try reducing your rates so that we all can save money instead of the of you guys making all the big profits.i really thing that the we all can use the extra money to spend on other things.thank you for understanding are needs.jihn

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    • Kathryn

      Good Morning Angie, When starting new service, our system processes a credit score by the customers social security number. The credit score determines if a security deposit is required. We also provide options to have the security deposit waived. Please know you can start service online under, select START SERVICE. You will need to complete all the information until the end when you receive a confirmation page with your new account number. You can also call us at 1-800-342-5775 (say moving during the prompts.) Thank you!


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