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Oct 13, 2023 | Energy Efficiency | 14 comments

Watch out for Energy Vampires this Halloween

We have tips to keep the monsters away

Halloween is the perfect reminder to watch out for energy vampires, or electronics that drain energy when they’re plugged in, but not being used. These everyday items are things like cell phone chargers, computers and coffee makers that could cost you more than $100 each year!

So how can you avoid wasting energy and scare these vampires away for good? We have some tips:

  • After you enjoy your morning brew or perfectly toasted bagel, unplug the coffee maker or toaster until tomorrow.
  • Gaming systems use energy even when they’re in standby or sleep mode. When the kids put down the controller, remind them to shut the system down too.
  • After you sign off for the night, your home computers, laptops, tablets and printers are still on the job. Shut them down and save.
  • Chargers are the worst energy vampires of them all. Unplug these as soon as your devices are fully charged.

Use these tips and more to save energy and money on Halloween and all throughout the year.



  1. Laurie Wagner

    Thank you great reminder bc I’m sure most ppl don’t unplug.

  2. Clarence

    Wouldn’t smart TV’s count too? My understanding is these are constantly monitoring use and sending feedback to the manufacturer even when not in use.

  3. rita primeau

    How much does a cell phone charger use in a year?

  4. rita primeau

    How much electricity does a tv use in a year?

  5. Luis

    Good tip.
    Thank you!!

  6. Peter Cardone

    Yeah, thanks for that useful information. How about lowering your rates instead of tripling them therefore making it impossible for people to keep warm in the winter without the threat of not being able to afford to pay you your ridiculous rates. Try that if you want to help, in all seriousness nobody thinks you want to help anybody except lining your own pockets on the the backs of your customers

  7. Gary R Hoffman

    Is a phone charger that is plugged into an outlet but not into the phone using electricity?

  8. Carol E Heisey

    I have to keep laptop plugged in. If disconnected each day it will miss the updates that come in at different times.

  9. Cathy Ellen Baptista

    So just the charger cord and plug keep using energy? How about blow dryer? Once I have electric razor charged unplug?
    Thanks for the info

  10. M j Beshore

    How do (phone) chargers use power when not plugged into a phone or other device?

  11. Joseph Arslan

    Thanks for all the tips.

    I use my computer for about 8 hrs. Can not unplug it due to the location.

    Roughly, how much does it cost per day?

  12. Paula Edwards

    What is recommended for a home with 2 adults -instant heat unit or a hot water tank?

    Thanks for the energy saving tips.

  13. Gary mann

    Thank you I had no idea phone chargers did that I do unplug my toaster but not my coffee maker but I will from now on thanks again


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