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Oct 6, 2022 | Energy Efficiency | 13 comments

Save energy and money during Energy Awareness Month

Check out our tips and more

There are opportunities all throughout your home to help you save money by using less energy. We could all use a few extra dollars these days. That’s why we developed a virtual, online experience to help you find those hidden savings.

Here are a few easy tips that you’ll discover when you start your virtual energy saving journey at

Switch. Then flip the switch.

It sounds simple, but if you haven’t made the switch to LED lightbulbs, you’re leaving money on the table. LEDs may look more expensive at the cash register, but they pay off. They have the same brightness as traditional bulbs, but they use 90% less energy and can save you up to $75 a year in electricity. Plus, they last 35 times longer than traditional bulbs.

Get a thermostat with a higher IQ

When the temperature outside fluctuates, it’s easy to forget to change your inside thermostat – or to know what temperature to change it to. A smart thermostat can help.

These devices automatically adjust based on your behavior, your preferences, and the current temperature. And you can change your temperature from anywhere using a mobile app. Install a smart thermostat and you could save up to $50 a year in energy.

We even offer rebates up to $100 to get you started.

You may be leaking money.

Keep warm air from escaping your home this winter by installing weatherstripping. Even the smallest gaps can lead to big leaks. You could save up to 15% on your energy bill when you weatherstrip your leaky doors and windows. Check out tips on how to track down air leaks on our blog at

Save now. Save later.

If the refrigerator in your kitchen — or even the one in your garage — was made before 1993, we’ve got bad news and good news.

The bad news? You’re probably using twice the energy you need. The good news? We’ll pay you $50 for that energy monster and haul it away for free so you can upgrade to an ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerator.

For more information on ways to save — including tips, tools, and rebates — and to check out our new virtual energy efficiency home tour, visit

*ENERGY STAR is the source for all savings estimates noted above.


  1. v stone

    I bought a ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerator about 2 years ago and submitted proof of purchase and was rejected from getting the rebate so I do not believe what is said on this website.


    Good Advice.

  3. Shirley DiMassimo

    My freezer is old but I’m on SS and I can’t go out and buy a new one I had the man from weatherlization come out and he said it was old but you don’t replace anything anymore

  4. Peter A Melville

    Let’s add another Nuclear Power Station for good measure this winter.
    Doesn’t use fossil fuel, clean, and powerful. Not dependent on wind or sun.

  5. Kathy Linn

    I recently switch out my furnace and central air unit. I got my bids and I made an effort to change the AC unit to an energy star unit. Cost me more money but have read PPL information on how good Energy Star is for energy savings. I done it with my appliances when I switched them out. I applied for the AC Energy rebate with PPL. It was denied. Why? The furnace shares the hot air fan with the AC unit. Nothing any where does it say anything about the fan having to be tested and accepted. I lost the rebate because the hot air fan on the furnace was never tested with the AC unit. Both units were 30 years old. Being a widow I’m trying to replace things in my 50 year old house to help save energy/money. I also put in a back up generator because there isn’t a week goes by that I don’t have a power outage. The week I put it in i lost power for 5 hours. I got to test it within a week. It was good cause we found out our internet wasn’t on the backup line. I know there are rules but I’m disappointed that it wasn’t pointed out that a shared fan needs to pass too.

  6. Jose Santana

    Yes I’m losing energy from my refrigerator my stove my windows are old the doors are leaking air through them in my bills are just too high can you please help me

    • Jose Santana

      I need some assistance with my windows my doors my refrigerator is old if someone can help me I would appreciate it my bills are too high

      • Kathryn

        Good afternoon Jose, Please read more about our WRAP program for assistance and apply under or contact a Representative in the WRAP program at 1-888-232-6302 weekdays 8am-5pm to discuss your options. Thank you.

    • Kathryn

      Good afternoon Jose, Please read more about our WRAP program for assistance and apply under or contact a Representative in the WRAP program at 1-888-232-6302 weekdays 8am-5pm to discuss your options. Thank you.

  7. Angel viera

    It is very important to learn how to save energy, especially with the increasing in energy costs .

  8. Rosemarie

    Before you toss that old refrigerator, be sure you have its replacement on hand. I ordered a refrigerator about a year ago; still waiting for it.

  9. Deysi Peña

    Mi bill esta muy caro

    • Kathryn

      Deysi, Le recomendamos que hable con un representante de nuestro equipo de educación energética los días laborables, de 8 a 17 horas, para revisar el aumento del consumo en su cuenta, llamando al 1-800-342-5775 (diga Equipo de educación energética.) Además, consulte los consejos para ahorrar energía y dinero en Gracias.


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