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Feb 15, 2023 | Energy Efficiency | 2 comments

Two ways to discover energy saving opportunities

Looking to increase your home’s comfort while saving a few dollars? Here are a couple of ideas to get you started.

Free virtual home assessment
With our no-cost virtual home assessment you can spend 30 minutes on the phone with an Energy Advisor. You’ll receive customized, energy-saving recommendations, along with suggestions on rebates and incentives that we offer. You’ll also get a free energy-savings kit with do-it-yourself upgrade ideas and Information.

If you rent your home – or you’re not ready for an in-home visit – our virtual home assessment is an ideal option. Learn more and schedule your assessment here.

In-home audit
Get a thorough look at your home’s energy use with an in-home audit. A certified contractor will give you a detailed assessment of your heating and cooling systems, provide a blower door test so you can see where you may be leaking energy, and give you a personalized report with rebate suggestions on energy efficiency products.

Plus, you’ll receive a free energy savings kit with do-it-yourself upgrade information, and you can get a rebate of up to $250 to offset the cost of the assessment. If you own your home and you’re looking to decrease your energy use, this option is for you! Learn more.


  1. Juan Arocho

    re: billing error–cannot reach anyone through FACEBOOK, TWITTER or email–I am not sitting on the phone for hours waiting to talk to someone.

    Last week I received notification that $120.17 would be deducted from my bank account on 4-10-23 for usage 1-23 to 2-21. This is correct.

    Today I received a notification that I have a bill for $241.11 that will be deducted on 4-18-23. It is for usage from 2-21to3-22 ($120.94) This bill includes the charges $120.17 for 4-10-23 that will be paid on 4-10-23.
    I am being doubled billed for usage from 1-23 to 2-21.This new bill includes the $120.17 that is going to be paid on 4-10-23. The bill due on 4-18 is for usage for 2-21 to 3-22 for $120.94. If you add 120.17 + 120.94= 241.11.

    Why am I being doubled billed for 1-23 to 2-21 usage? What is going on with the billing department. We were told it would be straightened out by March 31.

    Please correct this error.

    Thank you.

    • Kathryn

      Good Morning Juan, We already provided this explanation to you on Twitter DM on March 30th. Your account has not been double billed for 1/23/2/21/23. A total from (2) bills for $241.11 will be deducted thru autopay on your account 4/18/13. This includes a bill for $120.48 for 1/23- 2/21/23 and $120.17 for 2/21-3/22/23. The last pmt deducted for $167.57 withdrawn on 2/14/23 was bill time frame of 12/22/22-1/23/23. Thank you again!


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