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Mar 31, 2023 | Energy Efficiency | 4 comments

Save energy for Earth Day

Simple reminders to save energy in under one minute.

Celebrate this Earth Day by saving energy in your home. These easy activities can help you save energy and money, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting our climate for years to come.   

Here are some ideas for simple ways to conserve energy and money around the clock that you can take advantage of this Earth Day — or every day. 

Infographic with hourly ideas and tips to save energy on Earth Day Heading: 24 Hours of Energy Savings for Earth Day. Subheading: Simple ideas to save energy and protect our planet around the clock. 7 am: Open or close drapes to keep your home at the right temperature and brightness. 8 am: Turn off unnecessary lights and fans. 10 am: Check and replace your air filters regularly so your A/C runs efficiently. 12 pm: Check out to see tools, tips and programs that help you save energy and money. 3 pm: Install ENERGY STAR LED lightbulbs. You’ll save energy and money, plus replace them less frequently. 6 pm: Unblock air vents by moving furniture or other barriers blocking airflow. 7 pm: Make dinner energy-efficient by heating food in the microwave instead of the oven. You’ll get energy savings of up to 80%. 8 pm: Do full loads of laundry or dishes. Choose cold water for laundry and skip the heated dry cycle on your dishwasher. 9 pm: Have an old fridge or freezer? Schedule a free pickup with our appliance recycling program and get a rebate on a new one. Visit to schedule today. 10 pm: Take a 10-minute shower instead of a bath and save money on your heating bill. 11 pm: Use a smart thermostat. Don’t have one yet? Visit to purchase one at a discount. Click to expand


There are many easy ways you can celebrate Earth Day by saving energy in your home. One helpful activity is to check air filters to make sure your heating and cooling system is running as efficiently as possible. Nearly half the energy used in your home is due to heating and cooling, according to ENERGYSTAR®1, so swapping out an old air filter to make your system run more efficiently can make a real difference. 

Here are more Earth Day activity highlights: 

  • You can get discounts on things like smart thermostats on our online marketplace, as well as rebates on large appliances when they need to be replaced.
  • You’ve helped us recycle nearly 44,000 refrigerators since 2017, saving energy, lowering electric bills and reducing greenhouse gases. You can schedule an appointment or attend a drop-off event here. 
  • You can tour a virtual house and find energy-saving tips for every room at


1. ENERGY STAR Heating and Cooling Webpage 



  1. Harry Youmans

    To encourage saving energy, demonstrate the the amount (percentage) of your monthly ppl bill is charged for heating and cooling, that is average for residential consumption.

  2. Thomas A,. Rheem

    My recent PPL monthly bill is $664. I telephoned PPL asking “why?” Your patient customer service lady gave me several possible reasons to check. Thank you for politely listening to me. I am glad I did not rant in an embarrassing tirade. Turns out I accidently switched on “Emer Ht” on my electric furnace thermostat when changing, I thought, only the temperature setting. I am still shopping for a cheaper electricity supplier, but the immediate problem is corrected. Thank you. Thank you for not having heavily foreign accented customer service telephone people whom I have MUCH trouble trying to understand. NO bigotry; I just canNOT understand thru their accent. I can understand Kansasian very well.

  3. Andrew VanArsdale

    Why is there no rebates for stoves? Also 50$ for a fridge is a joke.

    • Kathryn

      Good Afternoon Andrew, We do not offer a rebate for stoves. To review rebates we currently offer, please read more under or contact our vendor Clearesult at 1-877-486-9204 with any questions you may have. Thank you!


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